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It was clear from the report that your school is committed to the integration of the programme philosophy into student learning, with support from school leadership. It is clear, too, that the success of your implemented IB education is in part due to a culture of collaboration.


I would like to congratulate you on the sound programme implementation that was evident through this evaluation cycle.

~ Florian Ciprian Baciu, IB World Schools Manager (Singapore)


IB Results 2023

Congratulations to the LGSi IB Diploma Programme Batch of 2023 on securing one of the best results in Pakistan. We are proud to announce that 100% Diplomas have been awarded to the DP Batch of 2025 at LGSi with a highest score of 37 and an average score of 35.


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Acceptance Template Jan2024-04 (1).jpg
Acceptance Template Jan2024-01 (1).jpg
December 16-05.jpg
December 9 Acceptances-02.jpg
Acceptance Template Jan2024-09.jpg
Acceptance Template Jan2024-03.jpg
Acceptance Template Jan2024-02.jpg
Acceptance Template Jan2024-01.jpg
December 9 Acceptances-01.jpg
Acceptance Template Jan2024-06.jpg
Acceptance Template Jan2024-02 (1).jpg
Acceptance Template Jan2024-05.jpg

Service as Action at LGSi

Student Experiences

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